My Peg
Margaret Hodges Warren
by Roland L. Warren, her husband

February 24 - August 31, 2002

I'm sitting here in my wife's wheelchair by her bed as I watch her dropping off to sleep. As usual, I'll stay here a half hour or so just being with her.

Tonight, though, as I look at her face, I think back over the years and remember what a wonderful woman she is, grateful that she is still with me.

Alzheimer's disease is eating away at her mentality, but thank God she still recognizes me, can say a few words, often with difficulty, and if anything she is more loving than she has ever been. I occasionally tell her she is my sweetheart, my treasure, and she seems to know that I mean it, most deeply.

I now want to write about how wonderful she has always been, and about some of the precious moments we have had together over the sixty-seven years since we first met each other as students in Heidelberg.

Hofstra College
Alfred University
U.S. Navy
100 West University Street
Jericho Hill
Rye and Pleasantville
Violin Making and Repair
Pingrey Hill
Pingrey Hill Again
Forbes Park
Growing Health Problems
The Arbors
Fairview and Laurel Place
Peg's Jewels

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