My Peg and I have had a very full life together. We certainly have done a great deal of traveling around. There were the European trips described above, with camping trips to various European countries whenever possible. Peg and I went on three cruises. The first was to Greece and various Greek islands. A few years later in 1983, we met Ursula in Munich and the three of us flew to Athens and went off on another Mediterranean cruise. A memorable part of it involved two weeks on the mainland in Athens and a trip across the Peloponnesian Peninsula with Ursula driving our rented Volkswagen. There, by prearrangement, we stayed with Peter Stathanopolous, a former Greek Ph.D. student of mine at Brandeis, now a full professor, and the next day he accompanied us back to Athens, where he teaches, by way of Corinth, as I recall, and Delphi for a "consultation" with the oracle. Much later, Peg and I took a fine cruise to the southern Caribbean.

In the summer of 1986 Peg and Roland joined Ursula and Robin in a tour of the Alps. Ursula and Robin traveled there a week ahead and among other things found a lovely place for us to stay a few days overlooking Lake Lucerne. Peg and Roland drove to Toronto and flew direct to Lausanne, where the two girls met us. In Ursula's car we four toured parts of the Swiss, German, Austrian, and Italian Alps, with intensive tours in the Dolomites. This was an especially happy time for all of us.

On another occasion, I was asked to take an active part in an international social work conference in Honolulu, all expenses paid. I took Peg and Robin along a few days earlier, and they flew back to San Francisco when the conference began. They stayed there for a day of sight-seeing, and in the extra time before their flight to Chicago, went to see the movie The Sound of Music, though they had to leave in the middle of it to catch their plane. They got to Chicago at some ungodly hour and around 3:30 am they each had an ice cream soda before boarding their flight to Boston.

In my work on a research review panel of the National Institute of Mental Health, I went with the panel on a research review trip to Puerto Rico, and Peg came along. We stayed on a couple of days after the sessions for extensive sight-seeing in Puerto Rico. On still another occasion, I was asked to give a talk (in Spanish!) in San Juan, and all five of us went down there, staying in the beautiful home of the sponsor of the meeting, but also spending one night in a quaint little cottage in the middle of el Junque, a tropical forest full of "jungle noises."

At some point, Peg and I made a motor trip to Florida, staying in motels. We went to Busch Gardens, the Epcot Center, and some other facilities I can't recall now. The trip was pleasant and uneventful except that on the way down through the Carolinas we encountered a late spring ice storm which made tree limbs fall and iced up the road dangerously. We got through all right..

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