I Die Now, Ah But Knowing I Have Lived

I die now; ah, but knowing I have lived.
My time has not been one of seeing life
Through other people's eyes; no, I have lived
And seen God in the sunset, in the sea
Of dashing, unloosed Hell, and known that here
Was life, and I was living in its midst.

No star to me unviewed, no moment lost,
And every fight I've fought, and love I've loved
Is part of me; and what has time to do
With that? Say I am old? How can that be?
These things are constant through eternity.
Long after time shall cease, my life will still
Be part of the unending scheme of things,
And that eternal truth of my short life
Will supersede all else, and carry me
To time beyond all time. So do I die?
Well, hardly that, for certainly this soul
Of me will dwell forever in truth's realm
And steep my life in immortality.


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