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Additional downloads are available from Amazon, ITunes, SpotifUSA, RdioUSA, SlackerUSA, RhapsUSA, MuveUSA, GoogleUSA, eMusicUSA, DeezeFRA, LastfiRUS and most other MP2 download sites. Hear the original recordings of the Swing and Jazz era as their artists intended. A pioneer in audio restoration, Bill Hebden has produced over 100 CDs of early popular and jazz music, many of them rare. These CDs are expertly restored to remove unwanted noise and other audio imperfections, while preserving the authentic sound of the original recordings. Artificial enhancements, such as reverb and echo effects, are not used.
Billy Maxted
and his Manhattan Jazz Band
Bobby Hackett
Live at Nick's & Boston
Mound City Blue Blowers
Hot Comb and Tin Can (1924-1931)
Various Artists
Hot Flashes - Rare High Quality Short Lived Bands
Ina Ray Hutton and Her Melodears (1934-1944) Details/Purchase
Blue Steele and His Orchestra The King of Rhythm Details/Purchase
Paul Specht and His Orchestra Retro-Specht (1925-1931) Details/Purchase
Matty Matlock Unsung Musician - Arranger Details/Purchase
Various Artists Hot Dance on Gennett Details/Purchase
Broadway Bell-Hops 1926 - 1928 Details/Purchase
Toots Mondello Complete Orchestra & Best Sideman Recordings Details/Purchase
Tom Coakley and His Orchestra An Evening With (1933-1935) Details/Purchase
Snooks Friedman & His Memphis Stompers 1928-1931 Details/Purchase
Dick McDonough and His Orchestra 1936-1937 In Discography Order Details/Purchase
Bernie Cummins and His Orchestra Original 20's-30's Hot Dance Music Details/Purchase
Sylvester Ahola Rare and Personal Details/Purchase
Joe Sullivan Pianist Extraordinaire Details/Purchase
Max Kaminsky Jazz Band & Orchestra Classic Jazz Hot Horn 1942-1960 Details/Purchase
Rare and Famous Bands Band Theme Songs Details/Purchase
Joe Candullo and His Orchestra Rare Hot Dance Recordings 1926 - 1928 Details/Purchase
East Bay City Jazz Band with Jane Campedelli Details/Purchase
Midge Williams The Complete, Volume 2 Details/Purchase
Various Artists Hit of the Week - The Cardboard Record Collection Details/Purchase
Various Artists Original Dance Music of the 1920s/1930s Volume 1 Details/Purchase
Various Artists Seldom Heard Hot Dance Tunes (1923-1929) Details/Purchase
Various Artists The Roaring 20's Rare Original 1920's Recordings Details/Purchase

Very Rare Early Issues

The following very rare early issues are available on a very limited basis:
Midge Williams The Complete, Volume 1 Details/Purchase
Paul Ash Hot Dance Tunes from the Roaring 1920s Details/Purchase
Rollini Trio, Quartet and Quintet 1936-1947 Details/Purchase
Fred Rich and His Orchestra (1926-1938) Details/Purchase
Bubber Miley Rare Recordings (1924-1931) Details/Purchase
Various Artists Dancing Through the 1920s - 1930s Details/Purchase
The Boswell Sisters Never-Issued Tunes & Takes Details/Purchase
Herbie Fields His Orchestra & Quintet Details/Purchase
Irving Fazola Rarest Recordings Details/Purchase
Various Artists The Original Music of World War II Details/Purchase

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